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When we started our 9bitz faucet few months ago we did not know what to expect. After a while we realized  what people actually want when on hunt for free bitcoins. And that is the reason why we have created this website. Either you are looking for best bitcoin faucets, asking yourself how do I get bitcoins for some ads clicking or simply looking to buy bitcoins this website is exactly for you.

And not only that. If you are looking for some online casino accepting bitcoins, if you are looking for the best bitcoin mining offers currently on the market, if you want to shop online and pay by bitcoins or you want to buy bitcoins or trade them it is always hard to find reliable service which will suit your needs. We will post here those which did not disappoint us while we were testing them and which we believe will be the exact match for your needs.

If you are talking for example about free bitcoin faucets - there are plenty on the web. The problem is that some simply don't pay. Some close down before sending you a payment. And some bitcoin faucets pay so little its hard to make any profit. So we search for the best bitcoin faucets and we post them here, saving you the time and effort. And the same applies in case you want to earn bitcoins online or you want to buy them etc.  On 9bitz you will find only really best bitcoins websites - those which we tested and we were happy with the outcome .

So feel free to check our pages and good luck with finding your way to get free bitcoins online.

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